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Marshall Dickholtz, D.C.

Marshall Dickholtz, D.C.

Co-Founder of NUCCA Board Certification

For over four decades, I have been providing  NUCCA spinal care to over 10,000 individual patients as a NUCCA Board Certified Doctor. It is my mission to aid people who are suffering from pain and ill health or anyone who desires to optimize their health and performance potential.

My father was a pioneer in the field in which I work and his influence has had a significant impact on my life. This particular form of healthcare was the foundation of care under which I was raised starting in early childhood. What I learned throughout my life is that a condition called the atlas subluxation complex or ASC, is pervasive throughout most of the population and it can influence many adverse health conditions. The aspect of the ASC that impacts most individuals, is its effects on the body’s relationship to gravity. What that means, is when the ASC (defined as; a subtle and complex cervical/neck vertebral malalignment) is present, it will interrupt the body’s ability to align itself to the earth. That mechanically weakened position, can lead to mechanically based stressors which are components of degenerative change. This stressed posture can lead to degenerative body function and discomfort. I've witnessed thousands of times with patients, the difference that precision upper cervical spinal care can make, in restoring healthy normal body function. Better function often leads to elimination or diminished pain associated with that dysfunction. It is a privilege for me to be able to spend time with people who value the care I provide and are dedicated to improving their health. 

My relationship with my patients is something I cherish as we work together to achieve their health goals. Seeing my patients often progress beyond their imagination toward better health is truly exciting and rewarding for me.

My life mission is to be the best version of myself while helping others do the same.I am dedicated to providing my patients with the best care possible.  I also support the teaching and continued development and research of the NUCCA procedure through the post-graduate class's I teach, instructing at conferences being co-chair of NUCCA’s certification program, and being on the boards of the upper cervical research foundation and the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. It is these two organizations whose mission is to advance spinal care knowledge and application.

Throughout the time I have been in practice I have also helped author NUCCA’s practitioners textbook and developed NUCCA’s current Board Certification program, mentored 100’s doctors in NUCCA’s education, a published researcher, featured on Good Morning America and Discovery Health Channel as well as lectures to dozen’s of civic groups and numerous radio and television talk shows.